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We provide prompt, knowledgeable service at reasonable rates.

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We Are An Independent Service Provider To The Fitness Industry.


Our Customer Reviews

Wow! To start with, Moe was the only person/company that even responded to me and very quickly at that. He showed up for our appointment exactly on time and went straight to work on my super-old Stairmaster. He figured out the problem within minutes, got his tools and parts and viola it was FIXED as good as new. Such a nice man, smart and clever. All the things you hope and wish for in a "repair man"...he's so much more than than. Thank you Moe! Can't wait to work out again!

Nina M.

Napa, CA

I have used this company to service my fitness equipment and have also purchased high quality commercial grade equipment from them, they are honest, fair, and really, really know what they are doing. In the past I have used other repair companies and they have charged lots of money, not been true technicians, and could never seem to fix the problem. Mohammad is an expert, he is able to quickly diagnois and repair the problem.

Marie D.

Alameda, CA

Moe came within 2 hours of my phone call on 11/14/21, worked quickly, didn't try to make the problem bigger than it was, and the pricing was excellent. He very diplomatically explained that we shouldn't use WD 40 (oops) on the belt, or anywhere else on an exercise machine. He saved our 13 year old Proform 480, which now does everything we need it to. Thanks to Moe.

Peggy S.

San Rafael, CA

We had a great experience with Mo from Sports Works. We wanted to buy used equipment for our home. Mo has a warehouse with many choices. There were several types of bikes, treadmills and elliptical machines. The prices were good for gym quality machines. He delivered our choices and each machine was clean and in excellent running condition. As a bonus Mo wore a mask the entire time.

Nancy H.

Novato, CA